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A place for your Records

Track all your Personal Bests

We believe your Personal Bests need a place to shine and get the attention they deserve. With our app, you can keep track of your records and stay motivated to work on new Personal Bests. You can even compare your Personal Bests with your family and friends. Get started for free.

Keeping track of your Personal Bests has never been easier

All your Personal Bests
in one App

You worked hard on your Personal Bests and they shall not be forgotten. Use the app to get an overview of all your records.

Stay on top
of your Progress

It's important to get insights into your performance. See how you are progressing in each activity.

Compare yourself
with others

Create groups with others to compare yourself and push each other to new Personal Bests.

Add your Personal Bests
in any Activity

You can add Personal Bests in any activity, whether you are a runner, strength athlete, swimmer, or doing something completely different.
Browse through existing activities in the app or create your own custom activities.
Customise the app even further by creating your own categories and units.
Feature Personal Bests
Feature Groups

Create Groups
with Family and Friends

Create groups with other users to push each other to new Personal Bests.
Add any activities to the group in which you want to compare yourself.
Get a ranking among all group members to see where you stand.
Give your group a unique touch by selecting a group icon and color.

Are you ready to take your Personal Bests to the next level?

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